Special Work Day, July 6

We are hosting a special work day on Saturday July 6th, 9 Am to 4:30 PM to continue our aggressive tie replacement program for this year.

We will continue with tie work to the west of the picnic grove in the Five Forks Road area. We are now out of the woods and progressing through the open country below the Baptist Church towards the crossing. This work provides good visibility to the public passing by on Route 851 and everyone passing by can see the railroad is working and making progress!!
We have 140 ties installed year – to – date. Our goal is 200 through end of July, which is half way thru the tie season! We have enough ties in stock to hit this goal!!
We have 200 NEW industrial grade ties due at the railroad in July. We will focus installing them in the current class I track for our annual maintenance program August thru December.
That would give us 400 ties for the year, a good improvement.
To do this we need YOUR help!
Please come out and help at the special work day on July 6th!!
A good crew will allow us to also bring the ballast car out. We have to start leveling the track up in a few spots past the picnic grove before the big train can come out. With some help we can easily jack the track to level thru this spot and place some additional ballast to support it in advance of a final tamping.
Weeds have been sprayed, the line is open for the entire length to New Freedom. We want to continue with extensive spot maintenance work on the west end, but meeting our tie installation goals on the East end has highest priority.  If we keep up or exceed our tie needs in the Class I track, we can back off some there and spend a few more days working out on the line. There are several spots towards Tolna and the Elm Street curve that need tie work “ out there”!