May 5 Trackwork Workday Announcement

We will be holding a Special Work Day on Sunday May 5 th, 9 AM to 4 PM.
We will be working to push forward our tie program for the year and get some additional ties installed before it gets to the summer heat! We have ties to install past the Bailey Springs crossing, more work past MP 6 on the Class I track plus our continuing work to open up the track to and past Five Forks Road. The good news is we have secured funding to purchase 200 NEW ties, which we have ordered. They will mostly be our maintenance/ improvements ties for the class I track for this year. They will put the current class I track in much better condition for our ongoing and increasing big train operations.
The new ties will not be available until June. The tie manufacturing plant is at the height of their busy season. However we have 80 ties in inventory that we can install in May and June until the new ones arrive. Plus a small shipment of 48 good relays will soon be available. We are very excited as NEW ties make the best and longest- lasting improvements in the track while saving installation work in the long – term over relay ties. We have much to do, we need YOUR help!! We have made good progress already this year with 96 ties already installed!! Please help us get ahead at a faster speed and get this necessary work done.